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Wedding Coordination

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Our Wedding Day Coordination service we oversee all facets of setup, so that the participants and elements of the wedding all end up in the right place at the right time. During the wedding, we help direct or monitor the moving parts of the ceremony and reception. 


Our Wedding Day Coordination service includes: 

  • A site visit to your venue and walk through all the wedding details together.

  • Wedding day itinerary creation and sent to all service providers 2 weeks before the wedding. 

  • Liaise with venue and suppliers. 

  • Coordinate with the venue.

  • Ensure times are met. 

  • Discreet coordination throughout your wedding day, giving you the peace of mind to thoroughly enjoy each and every minute, stress free. 

  • Overseeing the venue set up and decoration, liaising with suppliers to ensure the tables are laid out exactly as you have envisaged. 

  • Ensure at the end of the wedding that all suppliers have products/goods returned.


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