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Juliana ‘Jules’ Jonathan

CEO and Director


My creativity and electric flair matched with my attention to detail enhances my ability to thoughtfully attend to and incorporate even the most intricate details into any event. Be it a corporate event or a wedding, I believe that it will be an experience that even your dreams would be envious of. I love creating and bringing my clients' vision to life, to see their hearts smile and knowing that I have added unforgettable moments in their lives. I work with professional service providers to create that dream experience while maintaining our clients target budget. I always challenge myself with each event to produce a timeless experience.


I first fell in love with planning events after planning my own babyshower in 2015. I loved all the details and seeing my vision come together, after that I knew I was destined to create 


beautiful events. I have unwavering support from my husband Ejay, my friend, sounding board, and occasional employee to help bring visions to life. We are blessed with three beautiful daughters.


My team and I work hard to ensure we deliver results with warmth and efficiency. We stop at nothing and we will give you only the best. Our motto is “classy and opulence all the way!”

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